The content of the Practice Symposia is structured around nine Tracks. Track 1 is coordinated by NDIA. Track 2 is coordinated by ICEAA. Tracks 3-9 are coordinated by CPM, specifically the VP of Research and Standards (VP R&S). The VP R&S will lead a committee to select topics for CPM Tracks and will coordinate with the NDIA and ICEAA coordinators to provide for the best integrated participant value across all session topics.

Each Track has a targeted number of sessions that will be fine-tuned based on the topics selected. The sub-bullets below each Track do not reflect the specific topics, but do reflect the thoughts of key areas of interest to our participants. These areas of interest are included to provide amplifying definition of the Track.

• Track 1: Integrated Program Management (IPM) Track (6 Sessions)
o Industry perspectives on state of IPM, EVM, Scheduling, etc.
o CAIWG initiatives update (e.g., scalability)
o Predictive measures
o Risk management
o GAO guides and practice updates (e.g, Agile, scheduling)
o DoD and DCMA guides and practice updates

Track 2: Cost Estimating Track (6 Sessions)
o Cost estimating
o Pricing and Basis of Estimates (BOEs)
o Integrating risk management into the BOEs and Estimates to Complete (ETCs)
o Risk modeling

Track 3: Leadership and Team Development (3 Sessions)
o Engagement of executive management and sponsors
o Executive/Enterprise vs. Portfolio vs. Program analysis and reporting
o Leading and developing teams
o Improving communication

• Track 4: Program Management and EVM System Definition (3 Sessions)
o Development and maintenance of EVM System
o Development and maintenance of PM System for non-EVM programs
o Balancing extreme EVM System needs with “Regular” PM System needs
o Integration of subcontractor and prime contractor practices and data
o Scaling alternatives
o Process Discipline Integration (e.g. Lean, Six Sigma, CMMI)
o Integration of other key process disciplines into PM and EVM practices
o Solutions to capture metrics to improve processes and practices

Track 5: Agile Integration (4 Sessions)
o Integration of Agile and traditional EVM and scheduling practices
o Alignment of Agile technical progress and practices with traditional EVM and scheduling practices and measurement techniques

Track 6: Technical Benefits Management Integration (3 Sessions)
o Return on Investment of the implementation of practices
o Technical performance planning and metrics
o Business and mission outcome management
o Selling the Value

Track 7: Program Start-up and Transition (3 Sessions)
o Contracting and negotiating for IPM, EVM, scheduling, etc.
o Program transition and start-up planning and activities

Track 8: Scheduling and Resource Management (4 Sessions)
o Best practices
o Planning and baselining
o Simulation
o Using risk details as the basis for schedule analysis and simulation
o Statusing, forecasting, and analysis
o Critical and driving path analysis
o Integration of risk management with schedule and resource management

Track 9: Integrated Baseline Reviews (IBRs) and Surveillance (4 Sessions)
o Planning for and the execution of IBRs
o System vs. Program Surveillance
o Internal and External Surveillance

For additional information regarding how sessions selections will be made and the commitment from speakers, please review the speaker requirements at: