Practice Symposia discuss lessons learned and best practices on implementing EVM, updates on recent developments, and integrating project performance management with other management techniques. These sessions keep you up-to-date on developments in the theory and application of earned value management and are for experienced EVM practitioners and those new to EVM. Practice Symposia provides the bridge from EVM theory into your real world practice with case studies, research, new developments, innovative ideas, and what works.

Agile Track

This year’s IPM Conference includes an “AGILE+EVM” practice symposium track. EVM has traditionally been applied to waterfall type development with fixed scope and fixed technical requirements. Agile development continuously reviews both the scope and technical priorities to keep pace with the evolving environment while working within a defined budget. The goal is to get the most value for the funds spent.

How can EVM apply to agile development? How can agile development embrace EVM? What is the best way for government programs to enable AGILE development while still obtaining useful EVM data?

The AGILE+EVM track of six presentations will address these questions. It begins with “What is agile?” and ends with a panel discussion and audience discussions with the presenters. Attend all sessions or just the ones that interest you.

Cost Track

ICEAA is dedicated to promoting cost estimating and analysis (as a profession and area of expertise) within government and industry. It provides training and professional development opportunities, and propagates ethics and standards of conduct throughout the profession. It is a non-profit organization whose revenues are derived from membership dues (a part of which is refunded to the chapters for their operation), seminars, workshops, and symposia, and through the sale of publications and other educational materials.  Presentations in this track will provide background in software cost estimating, integration of cost and schedule risk, as well as cost estimating in an integrated program management environment. Attendees can earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for attending sessions in this track.


NDIA Track

The NDIA Program Management Systems Committee (PMSC) is responsible for development and maintenance of the ANSI/EIA Standard 748 (EVMS) and associated Guides.   The PMSC provides the primary forum for building strong industry and Government relationships to promote integrated program management using EVM. In this track, PMSC Chair will present a paper on the Industry Perceptions of the Current State of EVM. Other topics to be presented in this track include an update on the status of the PMSC published Guides, a panel discussion on the use of OTB/OTS as a management tool, and a discussion of current issues/concerns being  addressed by the PMSC through the Clearinghouse initiative.