The content of the Practice Symposia is comprised of 36 sessions structured around eight Tracks. The Tracks and associated number of sessions are:

• NDIA Track (coordinated by NDIA): 6 Sessions
• Cost Track (coordinated by ICEAA): 6 Sessions
• Effective Program Start-Up Track: 3 Sessions
• Technical Readiness and IBRs: 3 Sessions
• IMP and IMS Track: 6 Sessions
• Agile Integration Track: 3 Sessions
• Surveillance Reviews: 3 Sessions
• Implementation Considerations: 6 Sessions

The specific sessions within each Track are:

• NDIA (IPM) Track: 6 Sessions
o Overview of NDIA IPMD Initiatives by Carol Boser
o Role-based Performance Management: The Team Makes Things Happen by Gordon Kranz & Kimberly Hunter
o Application of EVM in Manufacturing, Production, and Naval Construction by John Kanicsar
o NDIA IPMD Predictive Measures Guide by Bill Altman & Sung Soon Stultz
o NDIA IPMD Clearing House Working Group by Pete Wynne & Mellissa Gilbert
o Civilian Agencies and Industry Working Group (CAIWG) Update by Jerald Kerby

Practice Symposia NDIA IPMD Track Session Details (PDF)

Cost (ICEAA) Track: 6 Sessions
o A Comprehensive CES and BCA Approach for Lifelong Learning by Kevin Cincotta & Darcy Lilley
o Bayesian Parametrics: How to Develop a CER with Limited Data and Even Without Data by Dr. Christian Smart
o An Update to the Use of Function Points in Earned Value Management for Software Development by Daniel French & Michael Thompson
o Cost Overruns and Their Precursors by Alan Gideon
o The NASA Project Cost Estimating Capability by Andy Prince & Brian Alford
o Trust but Verify – An Improved Estimating Technique Using the IMS by Eric Lofgren

Practice Symposia ICEAA/Cost Track Session Details (PDF)

Effective Program Start-Up Track: 3 Sessions
o Panel on Trends and Lessons Learned in Effective Contracting by SMEs from NCMA Tysons
o Program Start-up Best Practices by Dale Gillam
o Building In Upfront Integrity for Successful Program Start-up by R. Scott Brunton

Practice Symposia Effective Program Start-Up Track Session Details (PDF)

• Technical Readiness and IBRs: 3 Sessions
o GAO’s Technology Readiness Assessment (TRA) Best Practice Guide by John Ortiz
o The IBR: Your Insurance Policy for a Sound Baseline by Jon Fleming
o The Phased Approach to an Integrated Baseline Review by Eleanor Haupt &Deric Petty

Practice Symposia Technical Readiness and IBRs Track Session Details (PDF)

IMP and IMS Track: 6 Sessions
o Integrating a High Impact Summary Level Program Schedule by Paul Bolinger
o GAO’s Schedule Assessment Guide by Jason Lee & Juaná Collymore
o Finding and Pruning Leaps of Logic in CPM Network Diagram by Jim Peter & Kelvin Murray
o To Complete Performance Index – Based on Schedule Remaining Duration (TCPIRD) by Michael Nelson & Zane Mickelsen
o Schedule Margin…err Buffer, I mean Reserve, Umm…Contingency by Yancy Qualls
o IMP/WBS: Getting it Right is Paramount by Gordon Kranz

Practice Symposia IMP and IMS Track Session Details (PDF)

Agile Integration Track: 3 Sessions
o Agile and EVM Do Work Together, Here’s How… by Andrew Rymaruk, Barbara Phillips, & Evan Francis
o The EVM + Agile Anthology by Ray Stratton
o GAO’s Schedule Assessment Guide – Agile Appendix by Karen Richey & Jennifer Leotta

Practice Symposia Agile Integration Track Session Details (PDF)

Surveillance Reviews: 3 Sessions
o Surveillance as a Proactive Part of Battle Rhythm by ” Marty Doucette
o How to Pass a Government Audit by Tom Shanahan & David Eck
o Managing with the Best Possible Data: Enabling Effective and Risk-Based EVMS Across Industry by Ivan Bembers &Ed Knox

Practice Symposia Surveillance Reviews Track Session Details (PDF)

Implementation Considerations: 6 Sessions
o EVM Adoption: Making the Transition from Old to New by Candi Randolph
o EVMS Tool Evaluation by Ted Hibsman
o The Mystery of Rolling Wave Planning by Michael Nosbisch
o Program Management Dashboards: How to be Intelligent about Business Intelligence by Tom Sullivan & Steve Sheamer
o Tale of Two Contractors: A Comparison of EVM Practices by Keyi Oborokumo
o EVMS Implications of Best Intentions and Misdirection by Mark Infanti

Practice Symposia Implementation Considerations Track Session Details (PDF)

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