Workshops are forums to introduce and develop new and emerging practices and techniques to improve program management using project performance management. Objectives are to identify potential solutions.

The Workshops are not intended to provide training or instruction but to encourage an open discussion on the Workshop topic.

Workshop Sessions Abstract & Bios (PDF)

Workshop 01 Beyond Measuring Quantity, Forecasting Program Performance  Using Technical Measures
Glen Alleman, Niwot Ridge, L.L.C.
David Walden, ESEP, Sysnovation, LLC
Gordon M. Kranz, OSD PARCA

Workshop 02 IPMR Tailoring: Data You can Count on
Gordon Kranz, OSD, PARCA
Karen Kostelnik
David Nelson                           

Workshop 03 Signs of Data Integrity Concerns
Robert Loop, CPA, EVP, PSP, DOE

Workshop 04 DCMA’s Qualitative Analysis Methodology of EVM Systems
David Kester, Defense Contract Management Agency

Workshop 05 An Investigation into the cost premium of Govt EVM req.
Ivan Bembers, NRO, Earned Management Center of Excellence
Michelle Jones, NRO, Earned Management Center of Excellence
Jeff Traczyk, NRO, Earned Management Center of Excellence
Ed Knox, NRO, Earned Management Center of Excellence

Workshop 06 NDIA-IPMD Prime/Sub Contract Management Working Group
Dan Lynch, Raytheon Missile Systems
Sung Soon Stultz, Rockwell Collins